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Alpha Release Date + Pricing!

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The time has come! The Alpha release date as well as pricing for the alpha. I’m extremely excited to announce this. We’ve been working super hard to get the alpha ready, and while we still have some work to do we’re confident in a release date! The Alpha will allow you to help fund Volygon as well as participate in the testing process. Here’s what you’ll be able to do in the Alpha when it comes out:

  1. Explore our beautiful low poly landscape
  2. Play with the building system to construct an epic fortress
  3. Test our triangle building system
  4. Provide feedback and receive updates
  5. Be part of our growing community!


December 1, 2018


Getting Close to Alpha Release!

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Hello 🙂

Yep, that’s right Volygon is getting close to Alpha Release!

How Soon?

Well, I will be making another announcement when you can get your hands on Volygon Alpha. For participating in the Alpha, I’ll be rewarding players with limited edition items. More details to come soon…

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to!

Building System v2.0

The building system in Volygon just got a major upgrade. Compared to previous videos of the system, you’ll find that this system allows for much prettier shapes. Before, there were many issues with the way that triangles joined, as well as the different orientations that a triangle may be built. Now, a triangle may be placed vertically, horizontally, or any direction you can think of. Also, the snapping system is much easier to use and more accurate. And of course, all of this is working in real-time multiplayer.


Menu Improvements

Much effort has gone into the design of the UI in Volygon. I want to make sure the UI is nice to look at but also very easy to use. The UI has been built from the ground up to scale on any resolution.



Playermodels are in and animated over the network. Yes, there will be many skins to choose from in the future!


Much more…

As per usual, there have been hundreds of other small changes to the game. All of these changes are in preparation for the Alpha release. Volygon is becoming a very stable game running at high framerates!

Volygon is Playable!

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Volygon is now playable. Last weekend we had the very first play testing with some of our testers in the Discord. This is great news because it means that very soon, you’ll have the chance to participate in the development yourself. Now that Volygon is playable, we have a platform that we’ll be expanding upon and adding new features regularly. All of the underlying networking code has been completed and implemented. Here’s a short webm of one of our play tests! PS: I’m using white capsules as placeholders until we get a few more animations worked out 🙂



Networking & UX!

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I want to start off by saying thanks so much for all of the positivity over the last several months. The feedback has been great and believe me, I’ve been busy! Volygon is really starting to take shape. With the underlying networking framework implemented and nearly complete, to gameplay design becoming finalized. I’ve had a lot of help from our QA testers on the Discord server who have helped me test our networking functionality.


The majority of the work I’ve been doing over the last few months isn’t really “screenshottable” but it is very important in ensuring Volygon gets started on a solid foundation for the future (looking at you Rust).

If you’re a programmer, you’ll be able to appreciate this a bit more. Our networking back-end is completely up and running thanks to Forge and MasterServerFramework. We’re using these technologies to create a seamless online experience while maintaining as low latency as possible. Big shout out to HM_Bacon from the Forge community as well as other community members who helped get this up and running. Volygon will have dedicated servers, with the option for custom player servers later down the line should you choose to play on a more custom experience.

Menus & UI

The UI is really starting to take shape. We want things to be simple and easy to navigate while also providing all necessary functionality.


Building System Progress!

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Ok, so I’ve been working on what I think is a really really cool building system. It’s going to allow you to make basically ANYTHING you want with the power of triangles. This still needs some refinement, but it’s getting there! In the next dev blog post or so, we’ll show the creation of an awesome custom base that takes only minutes to build.

A tremendous amount of work went into making this system. Honestly, it was more than I anticipated. Hurricane Irma hit me pretty hard, so I had to evacuate and wait for power, all-in-all I went 20 days without being on the computer. Everything’s fine now, and I’m back to working on Volygon.

In the coming updates, we’ll show how you can make a huge base and change the material of the triangles for increased strength and rigidity. Of course, this will require more materials to gather.

First Screenshot!

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Here’s the first screenshot of Volygon. This took quite a while to assemble. I spent quite a bit of time doing color research and getting the models exactly right. This small scene will serve as a starting point for the visuals used in Volygon. More to come soon!

What is Volygon?

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Volygon is a unique multiplayer base building game which features a low-poly art style. This is a game that I’ve been working on since 2012 and has undergone many many iterations. After several years of planning and experimenting, I am getting closer to the perfect game.

This website will serve as a platform to provide development updates. I’ll be posting every so often with screenshots of the progress.