Ok, so I’ve been working on what I think is a really really cool building system. It’s going to allow you to make basically¬†ANYTHING you want with the power of triangles. This still needs some refinement, but it’s getting there! In the next dev blog post or so, we’ll show the creation of an awesome custom base that takes only minutes to build.

A tremendous amount of work went into making this system. Honestly, it was more than I anticipated. Hurricane Irma hit me pretty hard, so I had to evacuate and wait for power, all-in-all I went 20 days without being on the computer. Everything’s fine now, and I’m back to working on Volygon.

In the coming updates, we’ll show how you can make a huge base and change the material of the triangles for increased strength and rigidity. Of course, this will require more materials to gather.

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