I want to start off by saying thanks so much for all of the positivity over the last several months. The feedback has been great and believe me, I’ve been busy! Volygon is really starting to take shape. With the underlying networking framework implemented and nearly complete, to gameplay design becoming finalized. I’ve had a lot of help from our QA testers on the Discord server who have helped me test our networking functionality.


The majority of the work I’ve been doing over the last few months isn’t really “screenshottable” but it is very important in ensuring Volygon gets started on a solid foundation for the future (looking at you Rust).

If you’re a programmer, you’ll be able to appreciate this a bit more. Our networking back-end is completely up and running thanks to Forge and MasterServerFramework. We’re using these technologies to create a seamless online experience while maintaining as low latency as possible. Big shout out to HM_Bacon from the Forge community as well as other community members who helped get this up and running. Volygon will have dedicated servers, with the option for custom player servers later down the line should you choose to play on a more custom experience.

Menus & UI

The UI is really starting to take shape. We want things to be simple and easy to navigate while also providing all necessary functionality.